Fewer than 10 prints remain of the 11x14 edition (100 prints) of this image.  As with all of my limited edition photographs the price will increase for the final 10 prints.  The increase is reflected in the prices listed below.

11x14 in a 16x20 mat.     Edition: 100

    Matted:  $175 plus shipping     Framed:  please ask 

    see ORDER INFO for shipping charges
This image depicts the presence of past, the aura of the walls that once were.  When visiting the remnants of past lives, one can feel (and almost see) the lingering spirit of what used to be.

A young boy, about 8 or so, came into my booth at a show a few years ago.  He walked straight up to this photograph and without hesitation said, "The house that appears every 100 years."  Unfortunately too many adults lose that sense of imagination.

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