"The Sky Line"
"The Sky Line"

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This is a tunnel you'll encounter during a trip along the enchanted Sky Line.  I photographed this near a small town called Tunnelton in southern Indiana.  Rumor has it that it's haunted by the ghost of a watchman who was decapitated by a train here in 1908.  Supposedly several people have seen a headless figure carrying a lantern and searching the tunnel for it's head  ...or so they say.

While photographing inside the tunnel, I had just finished shooting about half a roll of
film when I heard a rumbling sound.  A train was coming towards the entrance I was photographing.  I had just enough time to grab my camera equipment and run out of the tunnel before the train came around the bend.

Several people on my dad's side of the family had worked for the railroad, so as a boy I heard a few railroad stories.  It wasn't until this experience that I remembered hearing about the tremendous vacuum that occurs when a train goes through a tunnel.  I was amazed at how this vacuum effet pulled me back towards the tunnel's entrance.  Or was it the tunnel's ghost trying to pull me back in?  ...no, surely it was just the train.

(Click on the photograph above for a close-up detail.)
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"The Sky Line"