The Sky Line
Knight Flight
Ken Bailey Fine Art Photography
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Montage Gallery

   Many of the photographs shown here are currently in stock, but others aren't.  Unless it's a featured selection of the month, it might be best to send me an e-mail to inquire about the availability of a specific photograph before ordering.  In most cases I will be glad to print an image for you if it's not in stock at the time.  Photos featured as monthly specials should be immediately available, so it isn't necessary to ask about them before ordering.
    If you're interested in a photograph that you've seen at one of my gallery shows or an art fair but it isn't shown here, please ask about it.  There's a possibility that it's available or could be printed.

Arbor Dream
Dream of the Aeronaut
Spectral Portrait
Locomotive's Lair
Keepers of the Arch
The Portal
The Upward Spiral
Grey Eminence
Guardian of the Arch
Elven Hall
The Void
The Vision
Dream of Ascension
The Cumulus Corridor
"Arbor Dream"
"Dream of
the Aeronaut"
"Locomotive's Lair"
"Spectral Portrait"
"The Upward Spiral"
"Knight Flight"
"The Sky Line"
"Keepers of the Arch"
"Dream of
"Elven Hall"
"The Vision"
"The Portal"
"The Void"
"Guardian of the Arch"
"Grey Eminence"
"The Six O'Clock Rock"
"The Cumulus Corridor"
"The Six O'Clock Rock"

    I create my surreal black-and-white multiple image photographs, or photomontages, in the darkroom using traditional photographic methods.  No digital manipulation is used.
    Most of my images require the use of a multiple enlarger setup.  The process usually involves selectively exposing two or more negatives, each in a separate enlarger, in turn onto a single piece of photographic paper.  Other forms of manipulation are sometimes used to create the desired effect.  Each photograph is printed individually from the original negatives.

    I print all of my photographs on quality fiber-base paper.  They are archivally processed and toned in dilute selenium toner for added permanence and tonal enhancement.  I use only acid-free, archival matting materials. The mat board is acid-free 100% cotton rag board.
    Nearly all of my current work is photographed using a 6x7 medium format camera.
Many of my montages are not shown here.  I normally only print a few at a time, and in many cases I've sold out of the image before I managed to scan one to be included on this site.  If you're interested in a paticular photograph that you've seen at a show and it's not shown here, please inquire.  If the edition hasn't been sold out or I haven't decided to retire the image, I'll be happy to print one for you.